Beautiful dark starry sky,

Thousands of burning firefly.

Clouds were coal dark,

But the dog’s did’nt care to bark.

What touched my face? Was the cold breeze that blowed,

The sight of shining stream that flowed.

I stood on the bridge, waiting.

The only sound I heard, was my heart beating.

It was a dark, dead silent night,

The moon in the sky was glowing bright.

Sky was filled with the moonlight, radiated.

Magnificient, as if on earth heaven was being created.


At that instant,

From a quiet distant.

I saw an angel approaching.

Ah! A beauty she was, her hairs flowing.

As she approached near and near,

All I did was just stare.

For what I knew the love was in the air.

Her most arousing sculpted body,

She took her steps calm and steady.

In front of me she stood at last,

I knew i’d worship her at any cost.

the lips of her, flirty cherry coloured

If only I could kiss them, I’d be honoured.

That perfect face, those perfect details,

In my heart made the boat of your love set sail.


Biting lips,

Those rolling eyes,

Messy hairs,

I do not care.

For ever and ever at you I could stare.

Our hands touched, and that feeling.

Good lord! I felt my heart healing.

The wounds that I had recieved before,

You know? That you are it’s only cure.

You are as beautiful as butterfly,

You go with the flow and soar high.

At last you spoke and I heard.

       You said,” I love you sweetheart.”

       I replied,” I love you too, till death apart.”

We held our hands, all we did was dare.

Soon our eyes closed, our mouths drew near.

We had no fear,

Our breaths were high,

We did’nt feel shy.

I thank almighty, for you were tangible,

Your lips for me were totally irresistible.

At last it ensued, the lightening struck.

Our nose crossed, it stroked her hairs.

It transpired at last, our lips made affair

At that moment:

Under the wonderful moonlight bliss,

We shared the hypnotising moonlight kiss.

Kiss lasted, I gave her body a bend,

Call it my selfishness, I did not want it to conclude.

I wish this night to never close the stage,

Hope the moonlight stays like this till the times end.


I held her face, and said to her;

“I love you so much, yes I do, and I will die if I lose you.

Even the moon in the sky, loses it’s light but, the affection for you in my heart burns bright.


My life would be a garbage sack,

If I only adored you to the moon and back.

For the want of their love, people pray to their deity,

Promise is that I will adore you to the extent of infinity.

If needed, I would walk on firestorm.

For the one I desire, being my lifeform.

Surf the depths of ocean,

For the true love’s devotion.

If you ever get down,

I’ll be your clown.


I do not know; How far I can carry my soul and body together?

I will be in affection with only you, even though my soul can’t stay in my body any furthur.

I have had sleepless nights.

Darkest one’s, with not even a speck of light.

But you walked into my life and I learned to survive.

You look as pretty as an evening star,

Your beauty as ever, was at it’s utmost power.


You and i were created to create love,

As decided by the god’s above.

That one perfect moonlight kiss

The best gift I would’nt miss.

With just this gift, I can now live and die,

Even if now you say your, GOODBYE!


        Under the wonderful moonlight bliss,

        we shared our magic under the moonlight kiss.









Since time immemorial,

I had a picture in my heart.

A picture of you, a  dream.

A vision, I don’t know where to start.

The moment I first saw you,

I fell for you, what else could I do?

Beauty you were,

And you smelled of myrrh.

At that instant, I could tell,

With youi in love I fell.

Was it love at first sight,

I do not know, but the inferno in my heart burned bright.

The clock waits for none,

It did it’s job well done.

We talked, we cared, we stared.

We walked, we shared, we dared.

Days, months and years passed,

Were you in love with me? I never asked.

Was I in love with you? Aye, only you.

Your’s had changed because it had never been true.

The story goes that this evil, QUEEN! (she)

With whom in love had the KING been. (he)

Pretended to be in love with the king,

The king howsoever was a foolish being.

She stabbed him in the heart,

Where else she could have, had a better start.

There again she hit, 

She was trying to get rid.

For everytime she made a fresh stab,

She never ended up picking an old scab.

With each pierce came a ‘teardrop’.

she thought,’It’s just a drop, why should I stop?’

The king was shattered,

his heart almost in pieces scattered.

Everyday the queen passed by,

Did not even bother to say a meloncholic, Hi!

Raindrops on the face of earth that fall,

Are responsible for covering the traces all,

of the tears that king spent on you,

Swear to god they were never few,

His tears were the ocean you could drown into.

You said, “They are just teardrops.”

but to dry these drops, you would need more than million mops.

O heartless girl! For you they were nothing more,

But each teardrop wasted, was a remembrance that he loved you from the core.

He loved you as you are, there were no reasons.

His love was not something that changed like seasons.

What flowed through his eye? You called it just water.

Correct me if i am wrong, did he not serve his heart on a platter?

Every teardrop from his eyes like dew,

Narrated the story of his love for you.

It said,”Everday his love for you only grew.”

but for you every reasons were few.

Drop, drop the teardrops flowed,

Seeing the kings love even the god’s boweed.

Drops had now turned into an ocean,

It was a mark of kings true emotion.

Enough it was, for now the king was horribly happy,

He knew he was now going, for a long nappy.

All he did was smile.

All he had was a little while.



He thought!

           ” In my soul I gave you the place of a queen,

               for happily ever after is what i had seen.

               Wrong I was,

               I never knew the cause.

              Though the tree of love for you in my heart had grown, 

              But that queen, has now been overthrown.”

               In my heart burns a fire,

              Burning with it, everything I desire.

              The demolished pieces of my heart will make you feel, sorry.

              Every teardrop I have wasted, will tell it’s own story.”


Angels are coming with spreaded wings,

Will take him to the land of dead kings.

He promised he would never love again,

Tis’ the last teardrop he was spilling in vain.

Drop by drop the teardrops fell,

Something, it forgot to tell.

The queen who had a heart of hard shell,

God please! Never make her see the face of hell.

Well, it still had so much to say.

But enough was now his suffering and dismay.

His end was very near now.

How could she do this? Oh! Tell me how?


No matter, now.

It has made a vow.

    ” Never in my life I will fall for a queen,

       who all her lifetime has been so mean.”


We don’t expect anything more,

From a drop so small, with a tragic lore,

Because it’s just a drop.

A drop it is, for the sake of love 

‘A TEARDROP’! A drop of love.

                                                                                       ~ANKUR SINGH











Falling In Love.


Do I have to say? Then be it, NO!

I am trying to forget,

Leave my memories and go.

For the sun in my heart was shining so bright,

Which was a decision not made right.

So, it is time for it to set,

and forget all the moments from the point we met.

        Try, try, I tried.

        But that damn heart.

        Cruel your love my eyes cried,

        Beating it was for you from, the bloody start.

Longing for your one touch.

Did I ask too much?

To forget you? Oh! Yes I did try,

Because you are the reason, that made my soul cry.

        Trust me I did try, but I can’t help.

        I love you, I do, is all I yelp.

You thought of me as a player ruthless,

Fact is, i have never been a lover heartless.

All I have done is gone blue,

Stupid heart still weeps,”I can’t stop falling in love with you.”


      Let us like, not love each other.

      Let me cherish the memories of our walk together.

      If you can’t walk with me any furthur,

      Let me live in these moments atleast,

      I know you are the beauty, but I am not the beast.

Do not just leave me like that,

For it is not I alone to be blamed.

Destiny is equally so; for it never did it’s math,

Do I need to be? Nope, I am not ashamed.

       What wrong did I do?

       All I always did was love you.

       We were meant to be one soul and bodies two.

       But you shattered my heart and walked thru.

Broken heart for you still beats,

Idot it is and wants to speak.

Love, please listen without you,

Nothing I am just an evaporating drop of dew.

        That beatinmg shit inside my chest,

        Was once life and full of zest.

        All it wants, is now to rest,

        Heaven knows, it has struggled through many test.

Remember! Love will make you tremble,

True! It is a gamble.

Though I don’t have any reasons new,

Still; I cannot stop, ‘Falling in love with you’.

                                                                                            ~ ANKUR SINGH


The time did stop,

My heart did pop.

The shades of nature at that hour,

Showed it’s true new colour.

At that particular moment the universe came to halt.

What I saw then?

I had never seen before.

My eyes were transfixed at the most beautiful being,

I had ever seen, and it was’nt a thing.

           For that was a GLIMPSE.

           A glimpse of her.

Those cherry red lips!

The beauty of her most curvaceous hips.

That perfect shaft of breeze,

With a very sophisticated ease.

Made her earthly coloured hairs blow,

So calm her face, her dusky cheeks.

My heart did race.

The horribly magnificient beauty, she!

Just one glimpse.

I fell in love, I felt like growing old.

with her? Yes!

          That glimpse is all I have,

          The glimpse that made me love.

Glimpse of her got me cold,

and there she was standing bold.

But I know, what I desire? This not being a game.

God! Help me, for that beauty was on flame.

          That one perfect glimpse!

          Oh! I tell you sir,

         Was enough to force me to desparately love her. 

                                                                                                 ~ANKUR SINGH



This is the excerpt for your very first post.


A declaration with the rationale of portraying the target of all existing life forms these days.

Execute pondering, please; is it in veracity a target or else you’re delivered right?

Origin right it is! Then why not be as gratis as birds moreover take wings and soar away?

There might have been many stormy weathers,

That might have broken your beautiful feathers.

That is not the reason to give up, find your way,

Lookup! Not even sky is your limit, let’s fly away.